Synergy Kit

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The Synergy Kit combines two incredible products designed to be more effective than the sum of their separate effects. Using both products gives you the boost your body need. With the one month of Iaso Tea will cleanse your system and having one month supply of the Nutra Burst on hand will put the vitumines and minerals back into your body. 


    Contains nine ingredients that work in synergy with each other to help cleanse and re-balance your digestive tract by ridding itself of fats, parasites and toxins. The benefit of cleansing your intestinal tract leads to the ability to absorb proper nutrients. In turn, you may lose up to five pounds in just five days when drinking two eight ounce cups twice daily.


    When starting on this journey to a healthier and better you. If for some reason at any point after two weeks you purchase the product and you see no results or you are just simply not happy with the product you will recieve a full refund.


    Depending on your location shipping and handling takes 3-5 days.